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(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

KIMBY PASSES DRUG TEST. [10 Oct 2005|03:44pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

so today i got a NEW / second job at shands! and it's fucking awesome and will take care of the whole being poor all the time problem. ellis and i will be rich and more importantly caught up on all of our bills. so yes im happy. i had to go to a dr.s appointment today, they took my blood :( i hope that with ellis and i both working two jobs we'll still have lots of time to hangout. he's at work now and i miss him and want him to come home and celebrate with me <3 the end.

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i love birthdays. [05 Apr 2005|08:27pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i turn 21 on saturday ! absolutely amazing. i don't know what i'll be doing, but i do know i get to celebrate with ellis. this makes me smile =) he hasn't been around for a birthday before.

someone buy me a keg? i don't think there are funds for a party.

my dad got remarried. he's on his honeymoon, forgetting about my birthday, forgetting to send me that birthday $$. if ellis was here he would say OH MY GOD SHUT UP YOU ARE SUCH A BRAT.

i have a step mom and step sisters? HAAA.

im still poor, but slowly getting out of that hole. very s l o w l y.

what else what else.

work is work. i'll never be happy with a job. getting up at 5 am is not for me. i <3 the free shit though.

my cell phone has been cut off, and probably will be for another two weeks. it's kinda nice though, no one can bother me and not like people really did, but i like the quietness.

theres this retarded crackhead kid that lives in our complex. his name is andy. he is just nuts. he is always knocking on our door and trying to come in, and of course it's most likely our fault cuz we fuck with him, but it's pretty entertaining. today ellis and i got him with water balloons and he told us we are crazy and that someone else told him we are going to stab him? haha. who knows.

i guess thats all. back to laundry.

(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

forever never ends. [09 Mar 2005|08:48pm]
[ mood | bored ]

things have been pretty crazy lately. i guess it starts with ellis and i walking out of toys r us hand n hand... IS IT FUCKING OBVIOUS? emmy was bitching at me to unload batteries at the register lanes, and i guess i wasn't doing it the way she wanted to. so i wrote KIMANDELLIS all over the boxes, turned off my light and we dipped out. one of the last days there we spent screaming at dave but it didn't help. they didn't care so it lead me to not giving a fuck anymore. that job was alot more stressful than it should have been, let alone it barely covered our bills. it probaby wasn't the best idea in the world, we're pretty much paying for it now, but on that day it was awesome walking away, and walking out with him. i started jumping up and down and screaming. so yeah, we've definetly been struggling but things are slowly starting to fall back into place. i work at starbucks now, and it's crazy and hectic and im still getting used to it, but i get to work with my love which makes everything okay. this weekend we're going to pensacola to meet up with ellis' daddy who i love and am excited to see. i keep thinking how i haven't seen them in forever, and then i realize ellis hasn't seen them in forever too. so im excited that he gets to visit with his family. i wish his dad would just come live with us. anyway. i guess that is pretty much it for now. i want to go back to my house and wait on my baby to get off work! ellis come homeeeeeeeeeee. imissyou. xox.

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xo. [24 Jan 2005|03:03pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

yesterday ellis and i celebrated six months together <3 it was so very nice. we spent the whole day out together. just having a day off together was awesome. things have just been pretty hectic for us. speaking of, someone pleasepleaseplease find me a new job please. im tired of working all the time and having nothing to show for it. im poor. i need a new job. we started looking over the weekend but found nothing :( living with my sister was a huge mistake. i can't wait for ellis and i to have our own fucking place. it will be amazing. im at school right now but not in class. i've been stressed out and at the same time ruining my art project so i skipped class today. my other classes are okay i guess. public speaking can die. my head is just crazy today. im grumpy. i miss my boyfriend. i should just go home. blahhhhhhhhh. i guess im done. i dunno. i'm letting everyone know im still alive i'm just a busy bee.

(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

i want a xmas tree. [10 Dec 2004|02:14pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

things have definetly been hectic for awhile but at the moment everything is well. ellis and i are surviving, having no money and shitty jobs is no fun but today is pay day so our bank accounts are no longer at zero =)

i love my boyfriend more than ever. last night we got a little tipsy and went to the park and it was just another one of those moments where it hit me that he is here...for me. we went swinging and about half way thru i just got upset. i guess because when we were in highschool running away to the park was what i did. and when i got back from texas the first time and broke down i ended up at that park. and i always sat on that swing thinking about him. and lastnight he was right there swinging next to me and it hit me.


(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

you're the movement and the spin. [21 Oct 2004|12:56pm]
[ mood | busy ]

it's been awhile. things are well besides that im poor but ellis and i will live off love <33. my cell phone bill is almost 400 bucks due to using it in 4 states on my trip to texas. it's crazy and it makes me want to puke but shit happens. work sucks and christmas is approaching and that really really really sucks. but when im not there im at my house with ellis having the best time ever. we celebrated his birthday on mondayyyy, the first birthday we've really shared together. it was nice. we went to dinner and got crazy <3. tonight is my kym's birthday <3 and then tomorrow is mary's <3 so i think it will be a fun weekend. i don't really feel like writing anymore.

(5 hearts | please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

i've been waiting for you my whole life <333 [28 Sep 2004|11:34am]
[ mood | xoxoxoxo ]

things are absolutely amazing these days <333 i drove allll the way to texas all by myself to pick up my boyfriend, and i think that drive with the crazy ass detour was probably one of the worst days of my life. being in my car alone for 17 hours without a phone for a good part of the trip was insane, but im proud of myself for doing it and making it there in one piece. driving up to his house was crazy, i still can't believe i did. i still can't believe he is here! i spent four days in texas and got him all packed up. our cars were so full of stuff, we got just about everything to fit. and then it was time for us to finally drive back home. together. and its still hard to believe that he is here. our house is a mess but i love it. i love seeing him through out the day. i love seeing him at work. i love seeing him at home. i love sleeping next to him and waking up to him already looking at me. im so happy. i don't want this to ever end. the last four years of my life all i've wanted to do is be with him and now it's happening. sometimes when he tells me im beautiful and that he loves me im just speechless. i feel so lucky that things for once worked out so well, even though it has been hard. now he is here and everything is perfect. things got a little crazy lastnight, but he always makes everything better. sitting with him lastnight talking about every little thing that has gone on since we were kids was probably one of the best moments of my life. he means the world to me and there is no way im going to ever mess this up.

i know i know. enough of the girly stuff. i just haven't been able to write forever and had to get it out. im sitting at school today, i haven't been to class in a week. i just opened up my science book for the first time, plastic wrap and everything. but i did get alot accomplished today suprisingly. i parked in reserved so im sure by now i have a ticket on my car but oh well. i wasn't up for walking today.

i need to go run some errands and stuff. and then it's off to work tonight. we have a computer so maybe we'll have internet soon. who knows. if anyone wants to hang out at the crib with elli and i, shout us a hollerrrr 3522140041. it's been party central the last week.

(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

texxas time. [14 Sep 2004|11:16am]
[ mood | excited ]

im going to houston this weekend.
shhh it's a secret <3
im so happy im so happy im so happy.
i can't wait to see my babyyyy.
and he is comming back home with me =)
everything is falling into place.
have i said that im happy? HA.
oh and fuck school. i've had enough.

(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

see the months they don't matter it's the days i can't take... [06 Sep 2004|06:28pm]
[ mood | blah ]

so hurricanes definetley suck but what a good excuse to be drunk the entire weekend. thursday night i went out with mary and jen and got to expeirence asian night? haha. and thennnn friday night i had a party at my house which was nice cuz i got to crash right there. saturday night everyone went to daves. and that was really crazy. and weird. and i was just talking to justin about the whole situation and dave called and said he wants to talk about some things. blah. mary and i got to go on the swings and it was soo fun. i loved it. gainesville is such a mess it's kinda scary. the tree infront of our apartment fell over and knocked out our water and cable. but luckily we had power the whole time. our complex is flooded. im guessing toys r us was closed today but nobody called so i think i will just pretend that it is. and school is closed tomorrow too. thats exciting. i had to come to my moms to shower and stuff and it's just as boring over here as it is at my house. i think im gonna go hang out with my kym for a bit. taking back sunday reminds me of falling asleep with some ho in texas <3 damn i wish he was here already. i want to go pick him up now. i can't wait.

(2 hearts | please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

im alive. [26 Aug 2004|11:18am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

the only thing i miss about my house is my computer :(
im at school. it sucks. and im tired.
i miss him.
things have been cool lately.
hanging out all the time + working my ass off all seven days this week =/
now im just waiting on my roomate to get his ass here and everything will be A OKAY.
leave me notes <33 im out.

(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

and each night it repeats and you fall into me like a domino... [15 Aug 2004|02:48pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

my phone bill is soooo bad :( i used 92 minutes ROMAING in texxxas. that shit is expensive.

lastnight was so fun. justin and i hung out and went to jen's party, and i saw alot of people from highschool. i got to hang out with lindsey and brad and forest and all my toys r us people. it was really fun. she kicked everyone out, and justin and i met up with the other justin at whataburger. ha. then everyone ended up at some other party. i went to the crib and passed out.

today is my only day off this week :(

our apartment is cute. but so empty. we have nothing. i still haven't moved much stuff over there. i think we're getting a truck on tuesday or something.

(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

but i realized how i need you and i wondered if i could come home.... [12 Aug 2004|06:18pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i took my exams yesterday. im done with school for like a week.


i can move my shit tomorrow =)


i can't wait to get out of this house.

hurricanes suck, we're all going to die.

i think i'll go take a nap.

(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

and i know i never was beautiful enough for you... [08 Aug 2004|10:21pm]
[ mood | tired ]

today i fell in love with northstar.

lastnight was so fun. i went over to mary's and hung out with the crew. we had so much captain and coke. i think i crawled into my bed around 620 this morning. and i talked to forest lastnight. that was so random. jen and i have been here forever and realized we know alot of the same people. we got his number from somebody and called him, and he actually knew who i was and rememebered that sarah and i use to have matching roxy faceplates on our phones. it was crazy.

and i got to say hi to amber!

and i got to talk to dave about alot of shit.

i got up at like 430 today. it was nice. then it was off to work for a service desk meeting which was no fun but atleast i got free dinner.

my mom had to see cole and get the rest of my shit. hell yes.

i came home and started my lame final project for my nutrition class. nothing better than having to do it all the night before. i take my anatomy final on wednesday, and summer school will be done. then it's back to school like two weeks later.

and then ellis will be here!

tomorrow i have to work 9-5, then hopefully get this apartment shit figured out.

(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

fucking dirt!! [06 Aug 2004|04:08am]
[ mood | numb ]

tonight was sooooo fun. it was party at my kyms house cuz it was somebodys birthday and shes leaving me soon :(:(:(:( everyone i ever like leaves! that is definently the story of my lifee. so it was party at kyms for a while, and it was all the tru people and even dave showed up and kyms friends. then we went to her pool and got kicked out :( so we drove to mary'sssss amd it was just me and mary and jen and jusitn and mike g so we went swimming againnnn. it was fun. i have to be at work in 5 1/2 hoursssssssssssssss blah blah blahhhhhh. i spent the day at work doing nothing, then it was off to find an apartments. we filled out some applications and my sis i think is taking care of it tomorrow. we need a place to stay and i am sooooo ready to get out now!!!! ellis called me sad tonight :(:( it made me want to cryy. all i wanted to do was talk tohim tonight but by the time i tried i guess it was already too late and im sure i probably left stupid messages. ewhh wellllll. tonight was so fun. i need dry clothes and it's off to bed for like 3 hours. tomorrow is going to suck soooooo bad.

(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

if you walk away i'lll walk away [04 Aug 2004|03:03am]
today stupid shit went down with cole. and jacob.

i know he reads this shit, and then assumes shit, and then goes from there. which sucks for me, but i don't want to delete it just because of that.

i went to grandys today and everyone was talking shit. and then i left and felt like crap. i've done soooooooooo much for that kid, why do i deserve this? i HATE how every9one he associates with blames it alllll on me. but what can you do. i regret everything that happpened with him. if i get one more phonecall from those kids i think i will absolutely flip out.

i flipped out eaarlier today. i called sarah cuz i had no one else to call that would understand all of it. it was really nice to talk to her. there are many days where i wish we could talk and be friends, and today was definently one of those days.

i went out tonight with kym and her friends and kalani and katie. and jason was there which is always crazy. we left early and i hope kalani got out of there okay. she was definently my date tonight <3

tomorrow i have to work. then go straight to school. then get two assignments done before midnight :(

(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

forget everyone forget everything and start over with me... [03 Aug 2004|02:45am]
[ mood | blah ]

today i got up super early and went to look at apartments and i think we found a place. i need to call them tomorrow.

i had to rush off to work :( 130-10 service desk sucks so bad. but i need the hours. i took justins shift on saturday cuz i need money so i can get out of here.

ellis fell asleep on the phone after he gave a free concert. what a dirtbag <3

(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

when you say best friends means friends forever. [31 Jul 2004|03:50am]
[ mood | awake ]

today i had to work all dayyyy. then i came home and i think that i have been sitting here ever since. i don't feel like leaving my house. i've burned like 3924397 cds today thanks to ellis giving me every song off of his computer <3 i love it. im burning neal a copy of my coheed and then i'll go to bed. i only told him i would do it like months ago. oh well. i'll run my mouth about my trip while im sitting here waiting. haha here goes.

so on friday:: i got up super early and got all ready to drive to jacksonville to fly to houston. i ended up getting there like around 830 and had to sit around for hours. it sucked. my flight there was pretty shitty. the plane was so ghetto but it was a short flight so i can't complain. i made it to texas and that airport sucks. i was soo lost. i called ellis while i was walking out of the gate and i couldn't find him. he could see me and was telling me where to go, and then finally i saw him and ran and attacked him. it was so good to see him again, it had been way too long. so we go to get my bags, and thats scary. i don't like standing there and waiting and seeing everyone else's shit but mine. but luckily i got my bag and we said peace out. that day we went to the mall and just hung out. we got awesome less than jake posters but I LEFT IT at his house :( we went out to the woodlands that night to hang out with todd and got drunk. ellis had to drive us home. i was sooo sleepy. we got back to his house and i puked like 4 times alllll over his front yard :) we crashed on his bed till like 5 am when he kicked me out. biatch.

saturday:: ellis made me sleep in this room with a clock that went off every hour! that sucked. gionna jumped in my bed and woke me up. it was sooo cute. i love her. ellis' car was being gay so we had to take it to jiffy lube and some fat bitch was there and ellis' dad came up there to save us. it was funny. we went to the woodlands and then to the dirtiest beach ever. it was like trailer park on sand, it was horrible. the best part was we had fireworks and threw them out the window or maybe AT MY FACE. we had to go to todd's dad's girlfriends creepy house with dirty ass dogs and gross food it SUCKED. but we talked todd in to leaving that place and taking us back home so it was all good. we got to ride a ferry. that was fun. drove around some town for awhile and went back to todd's. i made ellis sleep on the itty bitty couch haha. im such a bitch.

sunday:: we slept forever then finally got up and hung out in the woodlands. we went to some crazy ass mexican place to eat dinner which was awesome. texas is so weird. we went to a pretty mall and then drove around forever. ellis and i went back to his house and watched a movie and fell asleep.

monday:: im pretty sure on monday we went to a park and went on the swings. it was fun. ohh and we went to the big huge super walmart. that was fun tooo. i got some earrings and grapes and cds. ellis made me 14 cds of allll his music on his computer and colored them all pretty. i watched the drive thru dvd, then todd came over and we watched a movie. we went to starbucks and ellis bought me a pink drink and it was soo good.

tuesday:: i was lazy and wanted to SLEEP. we decided to go to six flags, so first we went out to pick up patrick starfish. the traffic in texas sucks assss. i would never want to leave my house if i lived there. six flags was so fun even though ellis is a loser and won't ride everything. but i was proud of him anyway. we drove back to patricks and hung out there forever and then drove back to kingwood and had a sleep over and it was absolutely amazing x 9999.

wednesday:: was absolutely horrible. i did not want to leave. at all. we hung out together as long as possible and rushed to the airport. of course i was leaving from some crazy terminal that you had to ride a shuttle to, so ellis had to leave me right at security. i checked in and they told me i had to hurry and not stop anywhere or i was going to miss my flight. i had like no time at all to say goodbye to him and that just broke my heart. it was soooo messed up. the security lady was being rude telling ellis to save up his allowance or some shit. i was crying and trying to get thru security and i was so lost and had no idea where i was going. somehow though i made it to my flight and just lost it as that plane was taking off. i couldn't help it. it was just me and lil baby seal all alone.

so all in all i had a really good trip and im sad it's over and done with :( time went by wayyyy too fast. i still haven't unpacked anything. all my stuff smells like his house it makes me saddddd.

but hopefully ellis will be here soon! cuz crazzzzzy shit has been going down and my toysrus has called and said they want him HEREEE, whenever he can get here which will be really really soon. i was soooo excitied to get back to work and see that dave had called and was trying to give him a spot here. i could not believe it. ron has to okay some stuff and then the job is his. im soooo happy. for once i believe things will work out.

so now ellis needs a home for awhile, which better be my house. hopefully later on we can get an apartment so he can have his own place here back in florida. and it will be super ghetto punk rawk and awesomeeeeee. and it might be rough for awhile but who cares. it will allllll work out.

my cd is done and now it's like 430 in the morning so i think it's time for bed.

the end.

(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

passed out in our school clothes so we'd wake up in our sundays best... [30 Jul 2004|02:59am]
[ mood | mellow ]

so tonight was party at amanda's, and it was alright i guess i just wasn't really up for it. i haven't felt like doing shit since i got back yesterday :( my trip to texxxxxas was amazing. im sad that it's all over and done with. i miss ellis x 9999999999999999999999 and maybe sometime i'll write all about it when i get the chance but for now i want my bed.

(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

texas is the reason. [27 Jul 2004|12:43pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i don't want to go home :(:(:(;(

(please tell me you love me tonight <3 )

go time bitch! [22 Jul 2004|10:53pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

im alll packed.
im ready to go.
i want to leave now!
tomorrow i will be in HOUSTON.
tomorrow i will be at ellis's house!!!!!!

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